By Ginny Love

Ginny Love inspired a new focus on family meals with her first cookbook, Simply Love. In it, she shared recipes and tips for creating delicious, wholesome, healthy meals to share with family and friends around the dining table. It is a wonderful family cookbook with lots of ideas for meals that please all generations, from picky young eaters to grandparents and everybody in between.

In a new book coming soon, Ginny will continue to explore how to make family meals both meaningful and delicious.

Simply Love: A Family Cookbook

Simplicity is the latest buzz-word in the culinary world. Forget exotic ingredients, elaborate preparation, elegant plating: the trend now is for healthy, delicious food, prepared and served with a minimum of fuss. Ginny Love cooks this way naturally. A busy mother of four herself, with a background in catering and running a restaurant, she has developed recipes and methods for making food preparation simple – and delicious.

Simply Love introduces a real family, whose activities, likes and dislikes helped shape the recipes. 


Praise for Simply Love


Fail-Proof Family Recipes

“There is more to Simply Love than recipes. Ginny’s philosophy on eating together as a family and the positive results it elicits are at the heart of this cookbook.

Love’s collection of simple, delicious dishes inspires one to get into the kitchen and share, from the barbecued chicken with Dijon mustard and rosemary marinade to the gingerbread cake with caramel sauce.

Along with her fail-proof family recipes, Ginny walks you through preparing Christmas dinner and how to tackle a community meal for 100 people.”

Lesley Stowe, Creator of Raincoast Crisps and Lesley Stowe Fine Foods


A Home Cooked Meal from a Mother’s Heart

“Ginny’s philosophy and advice to readers is exacly how I feel regarding family dining. A home-cooked meal from a mother’s heart is truly an expresison of love.”

John Bishop, Restauranteur and Cookbook Author


Part Of Our Own Family’s Traditions

“As I picked up your cookbook for the umpteenth time, I felt I must write to thank you!

As a mother of seven children, I have MANY cookbooks, but recipes from “Simply Love” are my most frequently used, and have become part of our own family’s traditions.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your creativity and talent.”

Jane Waldock, Surrey, BC


Sample Recipes

How to make family meals both meaningful and delicious